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Billing Information

Understanding your Statement of Account (Water Bill)

The Baao Water District Statement of Account (SOA) is the monthly water bill that is issued to concessionaires. It reflects the concessionaire’s monthly consumption and billing, including the breakdown of charges.

Know more about components of your water bill

Sample Statement of Account (Water Bill)

1. Bill Coverage

This reflects the period coverage of the water consumption by the concessionaires billed by the water district. In the sample illustrated, the period coverage of the bill is for the month of September 2020.

2. Concessionaires Information

This part reflects the name and the registered address of the concessionaire. If it’s an institutional account, it will reflect the name of the agency or establishment. NOTE: For Senior Citizens who would want to avail the mandated discount, the account should be registered in their name.

3. Concessionaires Account Details

On this part of the bill is the unique serial number that is assigned to concessionaire. This is system generated. Below is the service connection type. CLICK HERE to see the water connection type.

4. Billing Period Coverage

This part of the SOA reflects the billing period covered. In the illustrated sample bill, the period covered is from August 1, 2020 to September 1, 2020. 

5. & 6. Meter Reading

This part reflects the water meter reading — 5 is the PREVIOUS reading while 6 is the PRESENT reading.

7. Cubic Meter Used

This is the current consumption of the concessionaire (in cubic meter) that is being billed by the water district. [Formula: Item No. 7 IS EQUAL TO Item No. 6 MINUS Item No. 5

8. Billed Amount

This is the current amount payable by the concessionaire to the water district based on the latest meter reading. Rate and computation will vary on the type of connection applied for by the concessionaire. CLICK HERE to see the water connection type and rate.

9. Reminder Line

This is the reminder line from the water district. If your account has arrearages as shown in the illustrated sample, disconnection reminder will be printed. However, if you have updated account, it’ll just reflect when is the due date of the water bill. This part is highlighted manually by our staff.

10. Billing Summary

Full account computation of discounts, arrearages, other charges and penalties is shown on this part of the water bill. 

11. SOA Serial Number

This is the sequential number of the statement of account recorded against individual active service accounts. This statement of account is prepared in triplicate for records and filing purposes.

Meter Reading and Due Date Schedules

Due date schedule per service zone

Due Date

every 15 th of the month
  • La Medalla, Baao, CS
  • San Francisco, Baao, CS
  • San Nicolas, Baao, CS
  • San Ramon, Baao, CS

TWO (2) bills disconnection policy strictly enforced

Due Date

every 16 th of the month
  • Del Rosario, Baao, CS
  • San Jose, Baao, CS
  • San Roque, Baao, CS
  • Santa Cruz, Baao, CS
Due dates falling during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are adjusted immediately after the said non-working days.

Due Date

every 17 th of the month
  • Agdangan, Baao, CS
  • Bagumbayan, Baao, CS
  • Buluang, Baao, CS
  • Sagrada, Baao, CS
  • Salvacion, Baao, CS
  • San Isidro, Baao, CS
  • San Juan, Baao, CS
  • San Vicente, Baao, CS
  • Santa Teresita, Baao, CS
  • Fabrica, Bula, CS
  • Lanipga, Bula, CS
  • Pawili, Bula, CS
  • Santa Elena, Bula, CS
  • Santa Elena Baras, Nabua, CS