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Water Quality Results

Being the sole water provider in the Municipality of Baao, BWD is committed to provide safe and potable water to the community it serves. This commitment is coupled with the greater responsibility of protecting public health and safety through delivery of water which adheres to provisions laid down by the Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water (PNSDW) 2007.

The Baao Water District conducts microbiological test every month — random samples near water sources and residential areas elected to represent samples for every pumping station source. Moreover, bi-annual (every June and December) physical, chemical and metal analysis are being done with an accredited research laboratory in Metro Manila.

Result of Bacteriological Potability Testing of Water Sample

Water sample specimens are being tested at the Water Quality Division, Production Department, Metropolitan Naga Water District, Naga City
with DOH Accreditation No. 05-007-2022-LW-1

Water Quality (Physical-Chemical-Metal) Analysis Result

Water sample specimens are being tested at a Research Laboratory in Quezon City, Metro Manila
with DOH Accreditation No. 13-0001-1920-LW-2 PNS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 LA-2019-343A