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Public Notice: BWD Board of Directors Vacancy

The term of Director representing the CIVIC and WOMEN Sector will expire on December 31, 2020. We are therefore soliciting nomination from your institution for possible appointment to the Board of Directors of Baao Water District.
Please submit your nomination in writing to the Board Secretary or the General Manager of Baao Water District on or before NOVEMBER 1, 2020. Said nomination should be accompanied with the following documents:
  1. Filled up nomination form (2 copies) signed by the President or Head of the institution
  2. Authorization of the Nominating Officer by way of the Board Resolution or Secretary’s Certificate (2 copies)
  3. Bio-data of the nominee with passport size photo (2 copies)
The nominee should be:
  1. Filipino citizen
  2. Of voting age
  3. A resident of the district; and
  4. A member of the sector
NOTE: Public officials or employees cannot be nominated and/or appointed as Director of Water District (as per Sec. 8 of PD 198, as amended)
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